Upcycling agricultural byproducts into eco-friendly food packaging


  • Natalya Oboturova Department of Food Technology and Engineering, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, North Caucasus Federal University, Pushkin Str., 1, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79614700778
  • Sergey Povetkin Laboratory of Food and Industrial Biotechnology, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, North Caucasus Federal University, Pushkina Street 1, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +7-918-350-08-89
  • Natalya Nikulnikova Department of Food Technology and Engineering, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, North Caucasus Federal University, Pushkin Str., 1, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79187607409
  • Natalia Lazareva North Caucasus Federal University, Institute of Economics and Management, Department of Economic Security and Auditing, Pushkina Street, 1, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79624592272 https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5490-9936
  • Anna Klopova Don State Agrarian University, Krivoshlykova Street 24, 346493, Persyanovsky village, Russia, Tel.: +7-988-118-31-44
  • Nikita Lyubchanskiy North Caucasus Federal University, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Department of Food Technology and Engineering, Kulakova Street, 2, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79187615190
  • Ekaterina Sukhanova North Caucasus Federal University, Faculty of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Department of Food Technology and Engineering, Kulakova Street, 2, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79880989489
  • Nadezhda Lebedeva North Caucasus Federal Agrarian Centre, Department of Breeding and Primary Seed Production of Forage and Medicinal Herbs, Nikonova Street, 49, 356241, Mikhaylovsk, Russia, Tel.: +79614426343




upcycling, agricultural byproducts, eco-friendly, food packaging, sustainability


This investigation looks at the transformative potential of upcycling agricultural waste to make ecologically friendly food packaging. Agricultural wastes, which are frequently ignored, might be valuable resources in reversing the sustainable destiny of the packaging sector. We review recent research on plant-based byproducts, including proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, pigments, and minerals, that are isolated from agricultural waste. Creating edible and (bio)degradable packaging solutions that can include biobased active components, including flavorings, antioxidants, and antimicrobials, can begin with these compounds. Utilizing plant fibers from agricultural waste reduces environmental contamination while increasing packing efficiency. The review concentrates on packaging solutions that are good for the environment, like edible coatings and films with antioxidant and antibacterial qualities and active packaging made of phenolic chemicals. These innovations, derived from various foods and agricultural waste, satisfy customer demand for premium foods with longer shelf lives. A practical way to lessen the excessive use of non-biodegradable plastics is to create edible materials, especially in light of the global push for sustainability. These formulations can enhance food packaging performance since they are made from biowastes and biopolymers. Our comprehensive research synthesizes existing knowledge to shed light on the extraction, processing, and application of agricultural byproducts in packaging materials. The broad spectrum includes regulatory systems, processing techniques, biodegradability parameters, and the properties of various byproducts. By providing an all-encompassing viewpoint, this evaluation draws attention to current achievements and indicates avenues for more research and development. It provides a roadmap for the ecologically friendly upcycling of agricultural waste into sustainable food packaging, which helps to shift the packaging industry's paradigm continuously.


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