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Publication fee:

We charge the publication fee after the successful review process and acceptance for publishing.

What is included in the price?

Regular price

Initial assessment of the manuscript


Processing of the manuscript


Article review

Assignment of the DOI number

Checking and linking references to the primary literature sources (DOI assigned references)

Layout edition

Correction of the manuscript (eg. Formatting the SI units, marks, numbers, technical terms, etc.)


Examination of the manuscript with anti-plagiarism software and uploading the article to the database in order to actively protect the author's rights


Proofreading of the manuscript before publication


Publication of the article on the website of the journal


Long-term archiving of the article on the website of the journal


XML metadata file creation for indexation in DOAJ database and CROSSREF database


Article conversion to XML JATS and HTML version preparation


Registration of the article to international databases


Long-term archiving of the article by the library


Work of the editor and journal employees


Fee for OPEN ACCESS (immediate public disclosure of the article)


Fee for publication of title and project number from which article was funded (APVV, VEGA, KEGA, etc.)


800 EUR / article

Prices are valid since the 1st of January 2023. 

Price does not include ENGLISH GRAMMAR PROOFREADING and CORRECTION! Each author should do it before submission or publication at his own expense.

The corresponding author has to fulfill the billing information on the last page of the article. The corresponding author will receive an email confirming that the article has been uploaded to our information system. The further processing of the article will not begin until this billing information is fulfilled by the authors. We will need:  

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ID number of the organization,

VAT number of the organization,

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Payment method  (PAY PAL, BANK TRANSFER),

Article ID (the four-digit number assigned by our information system during the submission of your article).

Order: Please send us an order issued by you, your department, or grant coordinator (to E-mail:, and provide:

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  • price from pricelist

Upon receipt of the order, we will send you an invoice and you can carry out the payment.

Payment:  Payment can be made:

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  • by PayPal, only on request.

Information for Bank Transfer Payment: 
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