Enhancing food packaging with nanofillers: properties, applications, and innovations


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  • Igor Baklanov North Caucasus Federal University, Humanitarian Institute, Department of Philosophy, Pushkina Street, 1, 355000, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.: +79620027613




nano-biosensors, food safety, food quality, contaminants, pathogens, nanomaterials


Food packaging is undergoing a revolutionary change because of nanotechnology. This paper examines the influence of nanofillers on improving food packaging materials. Due to their distinctive qualities, nanofillers like nanoparticles and nanocomposites change food product protection, preservation, and appearance. The advantages of nanofillers, which may be controlled in terms of mechanical, barrier, thermal, optical, and surface characteristics, are described in the article along with their definition. Systematic examination exposes the many functions of nanofillers, from maintaining food safety with antibacterial Nano silver to increasing shelf life with better barriers. They also support sustainability and clever packaging. Innovative applications for real-time food monitoring are investigated, along with case examples demonstrating their efficacy, including nanocomposite materials, nanosensors, and nanotags. The use of nanofillers is evaluated concerning safety, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact. Future research trends that will influence food packaging are outlined. A critical step toward developing safer, more robust, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions is represented by nanofillers. This review is a valuable tool for anyone involved in food packaging since it provides information on disruptive technology transforming food packaging into an intelligent, environmentally friendly guardian of food quality and safety.


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Pavlenko, E., Semkina, E., Pokhilko, A., Sukhanova, E., Fursov, V., Lazareva, N., Pyanov, A., & Baklanov, I. (2024). Enhancing food packaging with nanofillers: properties, applications, and innovations. Potravinarstvo Slovak Journal of Food Sciences, 18, 139–156. https://doi.org/10.5219/1935

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