Consumer preferences on milk market: evidence from Slovak Republic


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milk, milk market, consumer, consumer behavior, Slovak Republic


Today the issue of healthy nutrition is very popular among consumers. The main task of nutrition is to ensure sufficient intake of substances that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism. These substances are divided into two types: sugars, fats and proteins, which are the source of energy and minerals, vitamins and water, which are substances necessary for metabolic processes. We distinguish five main food categories, from which people can obtain these necessary substances: cereals, fruits, vegetables, proteins and last but not least milk. Milk is a white liquid secreted by female mammals for feeding, and which is used (mainly from cows) as human food. Milk is sometimes even called a "super-food", as it contains all the necessary ingredients mentioned above. Its most important component is calcium, which is a key building block of bones and teeth. Milk sugar called lactose, in turn, is involved in the construction of brain cells. Among other things, the milk also contains 87% of water, making it suitable for maintaining a daily drinking regime, unfortunately its consumption is in Slovak Republic insufficient, so the main objective of this paper was to evaluate consumer preferences on the milk market to understand our consumers better. Based on the results od marketing and neuromarketing research we can state that 76.98% of respondents puchase milk, milk expenses range from 11 to 20 € (42.06%), it is purchased mainly in hypermarkets and supermarkets (36.71%), admissible price per liter is on average 0.89 € and decide according to milk quality taste and durability.


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