Evaluation of milk yield in tsigaiewes by somatic cell count


  • Martina Vršková National Agricultural and Food Centre, RIAP Nitra, Hlohovecká 2, 951 41 Lužianky
  • Vladimí­r Tančin National Agricultural and Food Centre, RIAP Nitra, Hlohovecká 2, 951 41 Lužianky. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Trieda A. Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra,
  • Katarí­na Kirchnerová National Agricultural and Food Centre, RIAP Nitra, Hlohovecká 2, 951 41 Lužianky
  • Petr Sláma Mendel University Brno, Zemědelská 1, 613 00 Brno




sheep, milk yield, milk composition, SCC


The objective of our research was to study daily milk production which was affected by somatic cell count (SCC). The study was performed on a selected flock of purebred Tsigai ewes (326 animals). Regular milk yield recording was performed during the evening milking in around the middle of April, May and June. Milk samples were analyzed for basic milk composition (fat, protein and lactose) and somatic cells count. SCC were evaluated using decadic logarithm (logSCC).According to animals, the dairy ewes were divided into the four groups on the basis of individual SCC (G= SCC <100 × 103 cells.mL-1, G= SCC between 100 – 300 × 103 cells.mL-1, G= SCC between 300 – 600 × 103 cells.mL-1, G= SCC >600 × 10cells.mL-1 to study the frequency of distribution of animals in selected group of ewes throughout experimental period. The average daily milk production in selected flock of Tsigai was 421.02 mL. We reached the highest daily milk production in April 476.40 ml and the highest content of fat and protein in June, while milk production was the lowest. From this flock of purebred Tsigai 76% of eweswere below
SCC 300 × 103 cells.mL-1. This SCC indicated a good health status of experimental ewes, at which 61% sheep were at the first lactation. We found a tendency to lower milk production by a higher SCC. With the increasing SCC decreased lactose content from 4.78% (G1) to 4.32% (G4). Reduced lactose content refers to the occurrence of mastitis and there is a need for performing bacteriological examination in milk.


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