Adhesion of marzipan pastes based on dry demineralized whey


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marzipan paste, adhesion, whey powder, glycerin, rheological properties, modeling


The results of researches of rheological and adhesion characteristics of marzipan pastes with dry demineralized whey (DDW) and glycerin are given. The positive effect of dry demineralized whey and glycerin on the characteristics of model compositions of marzipan pastes has been established. The component compatibility of DDW and almonds has been confirmed. It has been experimentally established that DDW and glycerin lead to changes in the structural state of marzipan pastes, changing the quantitative values ​​of rheological characteristics. It is confirmed that with increasing DDW concentration, the indicators of deformation and plasticity increase. The indicators of elasticity and resilience of marzipan paste decrease, which in general leads to an increase in molding ability. The surface effect on the properties of marzipan pastes with dry demineralized whey and glycerin was carried out. The technological expediency of using glycerin in the composition of marzipan pastes with DDW to increase their plasticity and pliability while maintaining high molding properties is substantiated. The rational content of glycerin is established, which allows regulating the adhesion properties within the set limits for paste-like finishing semi-finished products from marzipan masses. The rational content of DDW and glycerin in the composition of marzipan pastes while ensuring high functional and technological properties in the application of confectionery flour on the surface is substantiated. Mathematical modeling of adhesion behavior of marzipan pastes is carried out. The adhesive properties of the pastes are mathematically substantiated and their ability to have flexibility under the action of the applied shear stress is confirmed within the established limits. Its currents are considered and substantiated. A study of moisture absorption by flour confectionery when covered with marzipan paste is provided. The wetting angle is considered and the work of adhesion is determined. Based on researches the directions of use of the developed marzipan pastes in confectionery production as finishing semi-finished products for a covering and as a layer for flour confectionery products and modeling of figured products are offered. 


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