Use of ultra-high-temperature processing of raw milk to improve cheese quality


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milk, cheese, UHT processing, cheeseability of milk, cheese ripening


The increase in natural cheese production has brought issues related to ensuring the production of high-quality competitive products to the fore. The development of the cheese market requires constant improvement of the existing methods of production and the search for new technological solutions, which will allow us to counterbalance the low quality of raw materials, which is currently a serious problem for domestic cheese production. A promising method of realising the benefits of high-temperature (HT) and ultra-high-temperature (UHT) milk processing in cheese making is the development of new types of cheese with a high moisture content; however, there are very few publications that discuss these approaches. The development of advanced technologies for the production of low-temperature second-degree solid cheeses with the use of HT and UHT processing, related to the improvement of the technological process and the equipment and technological scheme of production of solid cheeses. The main direction of the development of cheese production at the present stage is the improvement of existing technological processes, the development of resource-saving technologies and the improvement of the natural solid rennet cheese quality. The results of our research, related to the study of the composition and safety of milk raw materials, the impact of various technological factors on the cheese production process and the quality of the products obtained, are the basis for our resource-saving technology for the production of solid rennet cheese.


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