Effects of traditional fish processing methods on the proximate composition and ph of fish Black pomfret (Parastromateus niger)


  • Ali Aberoumand Ali Aberoumand, Behbahan khatam Alanbia University of Technology, Faculty of Natural Resources, Department of Fisheries, second Alley of Ab va barg, Zolfegari street 22, 6361613517, Khuzestan Province, Iran, Tel: +98-9167277178 https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3387-433X




frying, brining, fish, Parastromateus niger, freezing, proximate composition


Fish is an important food in many Iranian diets. This is a good source of protein. Fish is the main source of animal protein in Iran. The effects of three different traditional processing methods (freezing, brining and frying) on nutritive composition of halva sia fish stored under ambient room conditions were determined. Fresh halva sia fish were obtained from Behbahan fish market. Cooking and processing techniques were carried out on fish Halva sia Parastromateus niger. The proximate composition of raw Parastromateus niger was affected by cooking and processing techniques that were carried out by AOAC methods. Moisture contents decreased in fried and brined fillet while protein, fat and ash contents were significantly increased in fried fillet. The loss of moisture in fried and brined samples amounted to the highest levels; also the protein and fat value was proportionally high. The fish Parastromateus niger showed a decrease in their contents of moisture and fat as affected by frozen storage periods while ash and protein contents were increased after frozen storage periods. The nutritional value fish Parastromateus niger preserved until the end of the storage period.


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