Comparison of analysis and the nutritional value of fresh common carp, frozen and southern canned tuna


  • Ali Aberoumand Behbahan khatam Alanbia University of technology, Department of Fisheries, Behbahan, Iran, No 22, second Alley of Ab va Bargh, Zolfeghari, Behbahan, Khuzestan Province, Iran, Tel.: +98-9167277178
  • Afsaneh Fazeli Behbahan khatam Alanbia University of technology, Department of Fisheries, Iran



fresh fish, frozen fish, canned tuna fish, nutritional value


Freezing and canning are suitable methods to delay the spoilage of marine products and improve their physico-chemical and organoleptic properties. The fish were transported to the ice in proportion to 1 to 3 (w/w) inside the boxes, and then moved wastes. The purpose of this project is to analyse and to compare the nutritional value of fresh, frozen the fish and canned tuna fish. Nutrient composition and pH of the fresh fish fillet and moisture and ash contents and other nutrient composition were measured by the standard AOAC method. The results showed that the percentage of frozen fish protein was 17.41 and the highest moisture percentage for frozen fish with 72.23. The level of energy (kcal) of canned fish with 393.36 kcal was the highest level. The pH of the canned fish with 7.28 was the highest pH. The percentage of drip and WHC in frozen fillet found 6.7% and 6% respectively. From the obtained results, it can be concluded that despite the low amounts of protein and ash in canned fish, the fat and energy content was the highest. The protein content of the fish is frozen, and its pH indicates that it was better than fresh fish from point of quality.


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