Attention analysis of honey jar labels using eye-tracking techniques


  • Naďa Hazuchová Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Marketing and Trade, Zemědělská 1665/1, 613 00 Brno
  • Ľudmila Nagyová Slovak UniversityofAgriculture, FacultyofEconomics and Management, Departnementof Marketing and Trade, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra
  • Jana Stávková Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Marketing and Trade, Zemědělská 1665/1, 613 00 Brno
  • Ondřej Chytil Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Marketing and Trade, Zemědělská 1665/1, 613 00 Brno
  • Ingrida Košičiarová Slovak Universityof Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Management, Departnement of Marketing and Trade, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra



consumer behaviour, labelling, packaging, honey, eye-tracking


Honey represents not just a specific product of animal origin, which's major part are plant products, but also the oldest sweetener of human kind. It is actually a sweet substance produced by beetles from nectar plants or from insects excreted on plants. Because of many different reasons (e.g. for trading, handling, storage), in the history of mankind, there have been introduced different forms of packaging and protective means through which this precious product could be protected. The present paper addresses consumer behaviour, focusing on the influence of packaging and labelling on young consumers aged from 20 to 35 years, especially when choosing honey. The realization of the main aim is conditional on meeting the following partial objectives - to identify the basic elements appearing on two samples of honey packaging and their impact on consumer perception, respectively to identify the differences in the perception of individual elements of the packaging, based on the respondents' gender. In the present paper, there are used different marketing research techniques, specifically the eye-tracking observation. The experiment involved exactly 12 samples of honey and finally 35 participants (18 women and 17 men). Based on the results of the authors' own work, it can be stated that the most eye-catching aspects of honey packaging are the producer's brand, as well as the variety description and name given to the honey. The least noticed aspects are the weight details of the packaging and the graphic design.


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Hazuchová, N. ., Nagyová, Ľudmila ., Stávková, J. ., Chytil, O. ., & Košičiarová, I. . (2018). Attention analysis of honey jar labels using eye-tracking techniques. Potravinarstvo Slovak Journal of Food Sciences, 12(1), 815–823.

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