Effect of rana galamensis-based diet on the activities of some enzymes and histopathology of selected tissues of albino rats


  • Basiru Olaitan Ajiboye Department of Chemical Sciences, College of Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State
  • Nasir Olarewaju Muhammad Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Federal University, Dustin-ma, Kastina State, Nigeria,
  • Oluwafemi Adeleke Ojo Department of Biochemistry, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria




Rana galamensis, ALP, AST, ALT, γGT, histological examination


The effect of Rana galamensis-based diet on the activities of some enzymes and histopathology of selected tissues of albino rats was investigated for eight weeks. A total of sixteen albino rats weighing between 29.15 and 26.01g (21 days old) were divided into two groups. The first group contains animals fed on casein-based diet (control); the second group was fed on Rana galamensis-based diet. The animals were fed with their appropriate diet on daily basis and on the eight weeks of the experiment the animals were sacrificed using diethyl ether as anesthesia, blood was collected by cardiac puncture and organs of interest were harvested. Thereafter, organ to body weight ratio, some biochemical parameters and histopathology examination were carried out. There was no significant difference (p >0.05) in the organ to body weight ratio of the animals fed on control and Rana galamensis-based diets. Also, there was no significant different (p >0.05) in the activities of all the enzymes (ALP [alkaline phosphatase], AST [asparate transaminase], ALT [alanine transaminase], and γGT [gamma glutamyl transferase]) investigated in the selected tissues and serum of rats fed on Rana galamensis- based diet when compared with the control. In addition, histological examinations of hepatocyte's rats fed on Rana galamensis- based diet show normal architecture structure when compared with the control. The insignificant different in the activities of all the enzymes studies (ALP, AST, ALT and γGT) indicated no organ damage, supported by the normal histology studies. The obtained results may imply that Rana galamensis is safe for consumption.



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