The potential of red dragon fruit peel yogurt to improve platelet levels in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in Wistar rats


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yogurt, red dragon fruit peel, platelets, thrombocytopenia, Wistar


Patients infected with the dengue virus will develop thrombocytopenia which can cause bleeding and complications. One of the materials that contain antioxidants and have potential as a functional food is red dragon fruit peel. This peel can be processed into yogurt as a way to increase antioxidant function which ultimately supports the immune system of its users. This study analyzed the effect of red dragon fruit peel yogurt on the platelet levels of thrombocytopenic Wistar rats. It used a pre-post-test control group design. Male Wistar rats were randomly assigned into seven groups: K-; K+; and five treatment groups that received dragon fruit peel yogurt at doses of 5% (K1); 10% (K2); 15% (K3); 20% (K4); and 25% (K5). Thrombocytopenia was induced by 0.1 mL.100g-1 BW of heparin for 3 days. The intervention was carried out for 28 days. The result showed that all groups had significant differences before and after the intervention (p <0.05). Tukey analysis showed that there were significant differences in all groups (p <0.05). Yogurt containing 25% red dragon fruit peel provides an effective dose for improving platelet levels in thrombocytopenic rats.


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