The correlation of intake phytate and tannin on serum transferrin receptor and hemoglobin in stunted overweight adolescents


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Stunted overweight, sTfR, Hemoglobin, Fitat, Tannin


Stunted overweight teenagers are at risk of having iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is caused by various factors including the high food absorption inhibitors of iron such as phytate and tannins. Phytate and tannin contain polyphenol compounds which have a strong ability to bind iron so that it inhibits iron absorption in the intestine. This study aims to analyze the correlation between phytate, tannin intake and serum transferrin receptor (sTfR) and hemoglobin in stunted overweight adolescents. The research method was a cross-sectional study of 64 stunted overweight adolescents selected by consecutive sampling in four high schools/vocational high schools in Banyumanik District, Semarang City. Phytate and tannin intake data using SQ-FFQ method. The serum transferrin receptor examination uses the ELISA method and the hemoglobin level uses the Cyanomethemoglobin method. The results of the study, most of the respondents had high phytate and tannin intake of 96.9% and 89.1%. Respondents with low serum transferrin receptor were 7.8% and low hemoglobin levels were 7.8%. There was no  correlation between phytate intake with serum transferrin receptor or hemoglobin (p1 = 0.937 r1 = -0.010, p2 = 0.192 r2 = 0.165). Tannins were significantly correlated with serum transferrin receptor and hemoglobin (p1 = 0.005 r1 = 0.344, p2 = 0.002 r2 = -0.374). Based on multivariate analysis, tannin is a determinant of hemoglobin (R2 = 0.257). Conclusion is that tannin is positively correlated with serum transferrin receptor and hemoglobin in stunted overweight adolescents. Excessive tannin intake can cause deficiency in stunted overweight adolescents.


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