Researching of the concentration distribution of soluble layers when mixed in the weight condition


  • Igor Yaroslavovych Stadnyk Pul”™uj National Technical University, Department of Food Biotechnology and Chemistry, Hohol str. 6, 46001 Ternopil, Ukraine, Tel.: +380975454829
  • Mrs Juilia Pankiv Ternopil Ivan Pul”™uj National Technical University Department of Food Biotechnology and Chemistry, Hohol str. 6, 46001 Ternopil, Ukraine, Tel.: +380673580008
  • Petro Havrylko Uzgorod trade and ekonomic institute, Korotnunskogo str. 4, 88020 Uzgorod, Ukraine Tel.: +38050 5488837
  • Halina Karpyk



dough, injection, thermal conductivity, distribution of heat, heat flux, roll, phase, environment


The analytical and experimental analysis of the processes associated with the formation of structural systems, which includes adsorption, its main paths of formation, patterns of influence on the structure of the environment and its behavior at deformation influences is carried out. The ways of choosing the optimal variant of the adsorption diffusion process for providing the maximum or minimum value of parameters (criterion) are proposed. The physical essence of the relation of the length of the sorbent layer with the time of its protective action (number of bound substance) is considered, which allows to practically characterize the work of the sorbent layer under dynamic conditions. It is noted that the determination of dynamic combined power flow influences during the process of mixing of components plays an important role in the structure formation of the suspension and promotes the construction of calculations for the construction of mixing equipment. The obtained data give an answer a series of questions about the theory of adsorption and diffusion (adsorption actions of van der Walsh forces on surfaces) and the ability to regulate the effect of combined power flows directly affect these process transformations (concentrations). For a illustration and understanding of the general execution of research, depending on the method of applying force, the degree of its previous dispersion and its physical and mechanical properties, a scheme of causal relationships between components and parameters that determine the change in the structure of the components in mixing process on a new discrete machine. The principle of discrete-momentum mixing of components in the weight condition and mechanical influence of the formable working body is considered. Based on the process of mixing the components in the working chamber of the machine, a mathematical model is proposed.


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