Molecular characterization and genetic diversity in some Egyptian wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using microsatellite markers


  • Ayman El-Fiki National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, Department of Natural products, Biotechnology Div., Atomic Energy Authority Egypt, Ahmed El-Zomur St., P.O.Box: 29, Nasr City, Cairo
  • Mohamed Adly National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, Department of Natural products, Biotechnology Div., Atomic Energy Authority Egypt, Ahmed El-Zomur St., P.O.Box: 29, Nasr City, Cairo



DNA polymorphism, genetic diversity, heterozygosity, PIC, SSR, wheat


Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is the most important and strategic cereal crop in Egypt and has many bread wheat varieties. Seventeen Egyptian bread wheat varieties used in this study with a set of sixteen wheat microsatellite markers to examine their utility in detecting DNA polymorphism, estimating genetic diversity and identifying genotypes. A total of 190 alleles were detected at 16 loci using 16 microsatellite primer pairs. The number of allele per locus ranged from 8 to 20, with an average of 11.875. The polymorphic information content (PIC) and marker index (MI) average values were 0.8669, 0.8530 respectively. The (GA) n microsatellites were the highest polymorphic (20 alleles). The Jaccard's Coefficient for genetic similarity was ranged from 0.524 to 0.109 with average of 0.375. A dendrogram was prepared based on similarity matrix using UPGMA algorithm, divided the cultivars into two major clusters. The results proved the microsatellite markers utility in detecting polymorphism due to the discrimination of cultivars and estimating genetic diversity.


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