Acidification effects of starfruit (Averrhoa Bilimbi L.) on soy milk-based cottage cheese: A physicochemical and organoleptic assessment


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starfruit, cheese, storage, viability, acidification


Using organic acids from citrus plants such as lemon and lime as a coagulant in soft cheese has been widely practiced. However, Wuluh starfruit (Averrhoa Bilimbi L.) is rarely used, especially in making cottage cheese from soy milk. Wuluh starfruit, which has a distinctive taste and aroma and is not shared by other citrus fruits, has the potential to be utilized in making cottage cheese. This study aimed to determine and study the effect of using a natural coagulating agent, Wuluh starfruit juice, as a coagulant in making cottage cheese from soy milk. A completely Randomized Design with six levels of treatment and three replications was used as the research design. The treatments were variations in the addition of Wuluh starfruit juice, namely as follows: SKA0 = control, citric acid 0.4%, SKA1 = 10%, SKA2 = 20%, SKA3 = 30%, SKA4 = 40%, and SKA5 = 50%. Cottage cheese from treatment SKA3 was the most preferred by the panelists based on the organoleptic evaluation with taste value (6.16 ±0.94%), aroma value (6.16 ±0.94%), texture value (5.24 ±1.20%), colour value (5.32 ± 0.85%), and acceptability value (5.72 ±0.51). SKA3 treatment was also the most preferred on the physicochemical properties of yield (26.43 ±1.13%), moisture (62.21 ±0.20%), ash (1.70 ±0.03%), protein (16.36 ±0.25%), fat (18.28 ±0.19%), pH (3.66 ±0.02), vitamin C (224.36 ±0.01 mg/kg), antioxidant activity (69.44 ±1.60%) and salt (50.33 ±0.58 ppm).


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