Development of a scientific concept of industrial storage systems for environmentally safe apples


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  • Bogdan Olegovich Ivakhnenko North Caucasus Federal University, Pushkina Street, 1, 355009, Stavropol, Russia, Tel.:+79895673085



apple, storage, gas environment, closed loop, bioactive coatings, bactericidal packaging


The research project has developed and justified the storage modes of apples in a modified gas environment by creating an isolated "closed loop" of high-pressure polyethylene; the expediency of creating highly efficient technologies for storing fresh fruits in a controlled atmosphere, in bioactive bactericidal packages and by creating microfilm on the surface of fruits has been confirmed. The prospects of using a progressive method of storing fruits in a modified gas atmosphere by creating an isolated "closed circuit" in a separate refrigerating chamber without using expensive equipment (in normal and subnormal gas environments) are proved. New technologies have been developed for storing apple fruits susceptible to infectious and physiological diseases based on improved storage methods with minimal losses. The consumption rates of Phytosporin-M for the surface treatment of fruits were determined and optimized to control the intensity of biochemical and microbiological processes during storage. The modes and technologies of post-harvest fruit processing with the Phytosporin-M biopreparation have been substantiated.


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