Adoption of sustainable agriculture practices by citrus farmers and its determinants in the Jordan valley: the case of Northern Ghor


  • Safaa Alwedyan University of Jordan, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Geography, Al Jubaiha 2, 11941 Amman, Jordan, Tel.: +962777534528
  • Aymen Taani University of AL al – Bayt, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Applied Geography, Al Jubaiha 2, 11941 Amman, Jordan, Tel.: +962798210040



adoption, sustainable agricultural practice, citrus farmer, Jordan valley


The agricultural sector in the Jordan Valley plays an important role in the economic system and that the region is essentially Jordan's food basket. The adoption of sustainable agricultural practices is widely recognized as essential to ensure agricultural sustainability. This study analyzed factors influencing citrus farmer's adoption of sustainable agricultural practices (SAPs) in the Northern Ghor of Jordan valley. The study used a quantitative approach. Simple random sampling was adopted to select 115 farmers in the study area. A multiple regression analysis was applied to identify factors influencing the sustainability of citrus farming practices. The study found that the largest proportion 44.4% of the citrus farmers had a fairly high adoption rate of SAPs while 13.0% of ones had high adoption of SAPs. In addition, the study revealed that age of farmer, Farm experience, primary education, and tertiary education were factors that affected farmers SAPs adoption. Policy recommendations are proposed to enhance the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices by the citrus farmers in the Northern Ghor of Jordan valley.


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