The effect of extraction time on the physicochemical characteristics of nanocalcium powder from chicken and duck eggshells


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nanocalcium, chicken, duck, eggshell, extraction


Calcium deficiency is associated with the risks of bone fracture and osteoporosis. This type of malnutrition has been a concern of governments and the World Health Organization for decades, and extensive efforts have been made to address it. There are several solutions to increase calcium intake. One is to take calcium in the form of nanocalcium. The objective of the present research was to determine the effect of extraction time on the physicochemical characteristics of nanocalcium powder extracted from chicken and duck eggshells through precipitation. This research was conducted by using a completely randomized factorial design with two factors, and each treatment analysis was repeated three times. The first factor was the type of eggshell (chicken and duck), and the second was the extraction time (1, 1.5, and 2 hours). The observed parameters were physical (yield and color) and chemical characteristics (moisture, ash, calcium content, and crystalline structure). The results showed that the type of eggshell had a significant effect (p <0.05) on yield, color (lightness), and moisture content and that extraction time had a significant effect (p <0.05) on yield, color (chroma and hue), moisture, and ash content. The highest content of the crystalline structure of nanocalcium formation (100%) was nanocalcium powder from chicken and duck eggshells, with 1 hour of extraction time. The particle size of the crystalline structure of nanocalcium from chicken and duck eggshells were 41.54 nm and 24.90 nm, respectively.


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