Social demographic factors influencing consumer's preferences on rice attributes in Indonesia: a multinomial logistic approach


  • Julkhaidar Romadhon Universitas Sriwijaya, Jalan Palembang-Prabumulih KM 32, Faculty of Agriculture, Indralaya, Indonesia, Tel.: +6285273829645
  • Muhammad Yazid Universitas Sriwijaya, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agribusiness, Jalan Palembang-Prabumulih KM 32, Indralaya, Indonesia, Tel.: +628153800550
  • Andy Mulyana Universitas Sriwijaya, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agribusiness, Jalan Palembang-Prabumulih KM 32, Indralaya, Indonesia, Tel.: +628127118488
  • Yunita Universitas Sriwijaya, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agribusiness, Jalan Palembang-Prabumulih KM 32, Indralaya, Indonesia, Tel.: +6281338727665



social-demographic, rice attributes, multinomial logistic regression, preferences


This study assessed factors influencing consumer's preferences on rice attributes in Indonesia using data collected from a sample of 329 consumers in South Sumatra Province in Indonesia. This study used two variables such as independent variables and dependent variables. Independent variables as a predictor of attributes of consumer preferences include social-demographic variables. On another side, dependent variables include attributes of rice-based on the preferences of the consumer. Social demographic factors such as gender, age, number of families, occupation, education, and income are mentioned to influence consumer's preference for rice. Rice attributes such as small broken, chalky grains, higher broken, varieties, family reference, friend reference, suppliers, advertisement, foreign object, residue, packaging, brand, volume expansion, head rice, flavor, aroma soft texture, durability, and whiteness. This study employed the multinomial logistic regression analysis to examine the effects of these variables on rice preference. This study revealed that among household characteristics that influence consumers' preference for rice attributes were household income and the type of occupation of the household head.


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